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Summary0003436: Save VFO B (sub-Frequency) in the database)
DescriptionThe "Save VFO B (sub-frequency) in the Database" is checked in the Options drop-down in the ALE window.
You create a new QSO and save it. The VFO B freq. is added to the database.
The "Save VFO B (sub-frequency) in the Database" is Un-checked in the Options drop-down in the ALE window.
The QSO record is opened and updated without making any changes. HRD deletes the VFO B freq.
IMHO a good program never deletes data unless it specifically directed to do so. My recommendation is:

Whenever the "Split" option is active in the radio, save the VFO B freq. to the database. If the split option is not selected, do not save the VFO B freq. And, add the VFO B freq. field to the ALE someplace so it can be edited by the user. As it is now, either the Logbook bulk editor or a third party dB program must be used to fix the Freq(Rx).
Why is this a big issue, you ask? LOTW has to match bands to confirm a QSO. If HRD uploads a VFO B freq that is a different band than the VFO A band, you can't get credit for the QSO. I just spent the better part of a day manually fixing my logbook and LOTW

Steps To Reproducethis is item has been in the HRD logbook as long as I can remember. You have to go into the ALE window/Options.
Once there you have to manually uncheck
"Save VFO B (sub-Frequency) in the database) If this is checked when you upload to LOTW it will come back with an error.
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duplicate of 0002577 assignedK7ZCZ Frequency RX is blanked from existing log entry when updating record 


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