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00034393 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-08-26 14:27
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Summary0003439: Panadapter dialog should not parent to the application window

The panadapter dialogs parent to the application, which means they're always on top of the application. Tehy should be able to float so the application can be on top.

We might want to eventually give them an "always on top" option.

Steps To Reproduce
1) Start up Rig Control
2) Connect to a panadapter-capable radio
3) Show the panadapter window
4) Position the panadapter window so it partially obscures the main Rig Control window
5) click on the main rig control application

BUG#1) The panadapter window remains on top, since it's a child of the main window. This obscures main window, and might make positioning the panadapter window(s) fussy and inconvenient
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