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00034401 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2020-07-16 04:17
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Summary0003440: Text View of Callsign Lookup test could have clearer representation
The text view of the call sign lookup results is kind of a dump of the list control. It would be a bit nicer to have a clearer representation of the results, including the ordering and the value decisions.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start up the logbook; no particulary database needed
2) Use the "Callsign lookup" command in the "Config" tear-off in the "Tools" menu
3) Activate the "Test" tab in the resulting "Callsign Lookup" dialog
4) Enter a call sign, anything valid is fine
5) Press the "Lookup" button
6) Wait for the lookup to populate
7) Press the "Logfile" button

BUG#1) The text representation of the results isn't particularly clear

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