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Summary0003446: While setting frequency for SSB/CW transponder satellites Doppler tracking will not continue
DescriptionOSTicket #979923 When attempting to select the frequency of a non-repeater satellite signal, when you manually tune in a signal using the tuner on the radio, once you set the frequency, within a second or two the doppler tracking reverts back to the frequency being tracked before you manually tune the radio.

Here are the instructions for how this feature is supposed to work. These documents are within the program itself, and can be found by Open HRD Satellite, Select OPTIONS, Select MANUAL TUNING. Once you have selected the new frequency on the radio's dial, the dropdown box on the Manual Tuning options allows you to return to doppler tracking x amount of seconds. The doppler tracking then resumes from the NEW frequency selected on the radio dial.

What is actually happening is instead of resuming doppler tracking from the NEW frequency selected on the radio's tuning dial, the software reverts to tracking from the frequency that was in the radio's display PRIOR to making the manual adjustment.

Steps To ReproduceHere are the instructions on how this option is supposed to work, which is included in the help on the options page in the software.

Manual Tuning Delay
When the Auto-detect option in the Tuning Dial is enabled the software automatically detects when you change the frequency on your radio.

When a change is detected Doppler updates are suspended for the interval selected below. When the interval expires the radio frequency is read into the software and Doppler updates resume.

While manual updates are in effect a progress bar is displayed, this 'counts down' the remaining interval before Doppler correction resumes.

Select the interval (in seconds) below. (in the program below this statement is a dropdown menu that allows you to select 1, 1.5, 2. 2.5 and 3 second delay at which point the program resumes doppler tracking from the point selected by the manual tuning of the radio.
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