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00034471 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2019-09-12 12:37
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Summary0003447: Support for MSHV Logging to HRD Logbook
DescriptionOSTicket #919687 - As reported on the various help and peer forums, there is a logging issue between MSHV ( MSHV is a widely used data programme used for VHF and HF data modes. For VHF operators it has a distinct advantage over WSJT in that it runs FSK441 and MSK441 under the same umbrella (1 programme) wheras to run or switch between these in WSJT, you have to switch between WSJT-X and WSTJ. I also think that MSHV tends to decode weak signals better than WSJT, but this is just a personal thing? Anyhow, WSJT & WSJT-X logging to HRD works perfectly, but no such luck with MSHV. This appears to be down to a problem within HRD - I am not a computer geek, but something to do with not being able to alter the receive destination???? Is there any progress on fixing this issue? I would like to think I could use my HRD to accept log inputs from MSHV? Apparently, No problems with MSHV, and some of the rival programmes to HRD such as N1mm, and Logger32+. Best wishes Andy Adams
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