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Summary0003450: Most license types are unused, could be removed and code simplified
The new license manager seems to only support two license types; HRDLIC_PERMANENT and HRDLIC_FREETRIAL. Maybe one or two more are needed, but the 15 different licesne types in the LIC_TYPE enumeration are mostly unused.

If they can be eliminated, then the implementation of several license manager functions can be simplified, maybe some can even be deleted.

I'm particularly worried about the HRDIsValidLicense() function, which does a ton of heinous date-based math. This code has no comments, no explamation of the business logic, no definitions for the dates it used. (What happened on 2013-02-08? What happened a month later?)

Also note that there are at least three bowls of copy-pasta which implement case statements that convert an HRDLIC_enum to a string. We should consolidate these to one function, whihc heopfully only supports a couple of enum values.
Steps To Reproduce
1) Search the code for "Free Trial" (including quotes) There are six hits.

2) Search the code for "HRDLIC_DEVELOPMENT". Only two hits, both redundant with other license type in a switch statement.

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ModuleSW License Mgmt
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