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00034573 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-10-30 21:29
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Product Version6.7.0.227 
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Summary0003457: HRD drops a file in the root of the user's Documents directory
The licensing manager client drops an XML file in the users Documents directory (at %USERPROFILE%\documents). Application-specific files should be in an application-specific folder, not at the root of the Documents directory. I'm not sure hwat this file is specifically for, but it for sure belongs someplace else.
Steps To Reproduce
1) Start with a clean machine
2) Install HRD
3) Check the %USERPROFILE%\documents directory for a file named "HRD Software 7.0.lw.xml". It's not there.
4) Run Rig Control
5) The software presents the licence key dialog. Enter a valid license and activate it.
6) Check the %USERPROFILE%\documents folder.

BUG#1) A file named "HRD Software 7.0.lw.xml" has appeared.

7) Shut down Rig Control
8) Uninstall HRD with the control panel
9) Return to the %USERPROFILE%\documents directory

BUG#2) The "HRD Software 7.0.lw.xml" file is still there. Maybe it's meant to survive an uninstall, dunno what it's for. But it shouldn't be in this directory.
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ModuleSW License Mgmt
Sub-ModuleSW License Client
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2019-10-30 21:29

administrator   ~0009108

A file with the same name is also placed in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\HRD Software LLC\Ham Radio Deluxe" directory after setup runs. Why are two copies of the same file needed? Are they both actually used?

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