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Summary0003472: settings for brightness and contrast in waterfall
DescriptionPlease add controls to adjust Brightness and Contrast for the waterfall.
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ModuleRig Control
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related to 0002718 new 1 - Backlog Development of high-contrast screens 
related to 0003471 closedK7ZCZ Ham Radio Deluxe Panadapter colors could be settable 



2019-09-27 09:08

developer   ~0008711

For now, the value reported from the radio is mapped to a range of 0..255. The color is chosen by using the mapped value for the red and green components of the color. The blue component is chosen by taking three times the mapped value, capped at 255. Thus, no signal strength maps to black, and full signal strength maps to white. Intermediate signals map to other colors with a stronger blue component; 50% signal strength is shown with #8080FF, for example.

Mathematically, the color is chosen by:

scale = 255 * (sample / fullScale)
color = RGB(scale, scale, max(255, scale * 3))

where sample is the given sample value in the radio's scale and fullScale is the radio's documented full-scale value.

The existing function, then, already has 100% dynamic range as it uses the full range of colors for the full intensity of the radio's scale; an since that range is drawn on a black background, it already has maximum contrast.

There are any number of different ways to convert signal strength into a visual representation, including color and intensity. I don't know of any standardized algorithms or transforms. Since this is largely a matter of preference, I think we should explore different mappings and keep those that seem particularly popular or effective. It will take time to collect feedback and suggestions and test.

Until then, the easiest way to adjust the display is with the base-line reference setting either in the panadapter window or on the radio.


2019-10-13 14:29

developer   ~0008811

With the color settings available, I'm resolving this fixed. If you have some specific idea of how you'd like to mathematically define "contrast" and "brightness" as quantities in the context I've supplied, please do let me know and we can consider it.


2019-10-23 08:12

administrator   ~0008973

Any word on the disposition of this item?

Code needed? Or not?


2019-10-23 08:14

updater   ~0008974

Which ever way is implemented, the waterfall is too dark with poor contrast.


2019-11-06 04:13

updater   ~0009156

N1MM+ has a contrast control so I can match the waterfall to that on my IC-7610.

N1MM.jpg (78,825 bytes)
N1MM.jpg (78,825 bytes)


2019-11-06 16:31

administrator   ~0009183

I'm taking this out of Resolved status. It's clearly not "resolved."

It may be something we take-on after the initial 6.7 release.

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