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00034773 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-09-29 17:43
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Summary0003477: Downloadable PDF documentation is incorrectly encoded
The downloadable PDF documentation file is incorrectly incoded, impacting the readability of the file. Curly quote marks and apostrophies were used in the original document, and do not render correctly.
Steps To Reproduce1) go to
2) Use the "Downloads" button for the HRD user manual
3) Open the downloaded PDF file
4) Search for "?" in the PDF

BUG#1) first hit is "users stood at 20,006 ? quite an achievement"; looks like an em-dash is replaced with a question marks
BUG#2) next hit is "listed rigs that ?really? work fully with the satellite module"; looks like quotes were rendered as question marks
BUG#3) next hit is "If you don?t have a serial port"; looks like an apostrophie is rendered as a question mark
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