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00034785 - Closed w/o ActionEnhancementpublic2019-11-08 04:25
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Summary0003478: Add the option for the users to populate only first name into the FLD_QSO_NAME field
DescriptionWe have a request to add an option for the users to populate only first name into the FLD_QSO_NAME field

Meanwhile, the FLD_QSO_ADDRESS would continue contain the full name (no change).
Steps To ReproduceGiven that this is a feature request, there aren't steps to reproduce this.
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2019-10-02 18:55

administrator   ~0008734

This request can't be accommodated as some data sources don't provide distinct first, middle, and last name fields. HamQTH and QRZCQ, for example, provide only "adr_name" and "name" (respectively). These fields include the whole name.

Parsing names isn't trivial, and since they're names, people are sensitive to them being wrong. In some languages (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, ...) parsing is very complicated and requires semantic analysis. Even in western names, ambiguity is significant. For such data sources given "Jean Luc Picard", we'd be forced to guess the first name as "Jean" when it might be "Jean Luc". The new call sign lookup code has "no guessing" as one of its fundamental tenets; as such, the request can't be accommodated. Honorifics (eg, "Cpt. Jean Luc Picard") and multi-part names ("George Herbert Walker Bush") add more complications.

If we'd like to relax that tenet and allow guessing; or if we'd like to make an exception, then we should carefully review and decide how to do so.


2019-11-08 04:25

administrator   ~0009209

Closing to move them into the w/o action bucket

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