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Summary0003479: RC Issues with IC-7850 / IC-7851
DescriptionTicket #583678 has reported issues with his IC-7850 while attempting to add buttons and sliders to the radio pane in the HRD Logbook V6.6.0.237. The problem is every time he attempts to configure one of the buttons in the Logbook Radio Pane his Logbook freezes and the only way to get out of it is by closing the logbook using Task Manager.

Both Ferry and I worked with this customer in remote and attempted every possible solution we knew to resolve this issue, however none were successful and we started digging deeper outside of the Logbook.

We discovered that his IC-7850 was connecting in Rig Control as an IC-7800 -V2. We know this because when connected to the radio the TAB on the Rig Control Screen shows "IC-7850 connected as (IC-7800 V2 commands"

While investigating this we found that in the IC-7850 manual it indicates that the CI-V address can be 02h~8Eh~DFh
The manual for the IC-7851 also shows CI-V addresses of 02h~8Eh~DFh. According to the CI-V address for the IC-7800 is 6Ah. The crazy thing is it appared that no matter what CI-V address that was entered for the IC-7850 it would connect as an IC-7800 in HRD Rig Control.

Unfortunately this is all the information we have at this time about this issue. Maybe development might have any other suggestions on how we can test this and help provide more detailed information. I'm sure the customer will be very happy to assist us in any way he can to get this issue resolved.
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