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Summary0003480: Label Printing 2 qso's on one label
DescriptionUsing a Brother QL-570 label printer. It prints the labels ok but for one problem. I worked A82X on 20m and 17m. When I print the label it shows 2 qso's on 17m and doesn't print the 20m qso.

Please refer to the OS ticket 349849.
Additional InformationI have also noticed this as well in the beta 6.7.231 as well will follow with details
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2019-10-05 09:55

updater   ~0008750

Steps to reproduce:
1. Have the logbook open as normal.
2. Highlight the number of contacts you wish to print a label for.
3. Select the print option in logbook.
4. Ensure the you have the label type and size you wish to use.
5. Select the print option.


2019-10-05 11:28

updater   ~0008756

Enclosed you will see that in the log book there are 4 contacts 3 of them are on 20 meters and one is on 40 meters. However when you go to print the label with all four of the contacts selected you only see listing for 20 meters.

print label1.JPG (127,941 bytes)
print label1.JPG (127,941 bytes)
print label2.JPG (51,025 bytes)
print label2.JPG (51,025 bytes)


2019-11-10 04:41

updater   ~0009224

Also when making 2 QSO's with the same station (Like on a different band or mode)
You want to print those 2, however it prints the 1st QSO twice.
See attachment.

75241045_2503329019765728_6325578939641102336_o.jpg (273,174 bytes)

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