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00034823 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-10-19 10:18
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Summary0003482: Improve timeout detection in call sign lookup operation completion
DescriptionThe call sign lookup operation splits work between the main thread (for the Logbook, UCSDB, and country list operations) and a worker thread (for any other source).

It's conceivable that something goes wrong in the worker thread, and results are not mmade available when the main thread expects to present them. This has always been a problem in the call sign lookup code, and isn't new to the rewrite. Code exists to do various message pumps and sleeping, but the bottom line is that an individual call sign lookup operation who's source has timed out or failed to respond will end up causing problems for the application.

This code could be tightened-up to be more reliable, and also transparent to the user about its error disposition.
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related to 0003485 assignedK7ZCZ Logbook Lookup Pane does not fully populate 
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2019-10-16 16:09

administrator   ~0008836

some work with this check in, for the related bug (which was actually about a deadlock)


2019-10-19 10:18

administrator   ~0008865

This checkin adds code to assure the completion callback on the lookup client is only called once.

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