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00034883 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-10-12 16:21
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Product Version6.7 
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Summary0003488: weird action in Rig Control Connection dialog after pressing Enter
The Rig Control app will try to connect to a weird, non-existant radio if ENTER is pressed in the "Conntect" dialog. Pressing enter in a dialog box is meant to take the default action -- as if the default button (usually "OK") was pressed. If the connect dialog doesn't perform a predictable action, its usability is impaired.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start up Rig Control
2) In the "Connect" dialog, press ENTER without adjusting any other controls
BUG#1) Rig Control opens with a radio view tab labeled "HamRad1". Might have a different number, but "HamRad" is always there. The radio view is mostly blank -- tuning bars appear, but no frequency is displayed and there are no sliders, buttons, or dropdowns.

It's also possible to repro this with Rig Control already opens

1) Start up Rig Control
2) Connect to your regular radio. DemoMatic is fine
3) Use the "Connect" command in the "File" men
4) When the resulting "Connect" dialog is displayed, just press enter
BUG#2) As BUG#1 above.
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ModuleRig Control
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