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0003499Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-11-08 02:32
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.244 
Summary0003499: Complete the Callsign Lookup function for the UCSDB (Private) method
DescriptionSome fields or data are missing from the UCSDB (Private) callsign lookup method.

Once the UCSDB (Private) data is obtained for a given callsign, the following ALE fields should be populated from the data found as follows:
- COL_QSL_VIA should contain the data in the "QSL Manager" tag in the UCSDB (Public)
- COL_QSO_IOTA should contain the data in the "IOTA" tag in the UCSDB (Public)
- COL_QSO_DXCC should contain the data in the "DXCC" tag in the UCSDB (Public)
- COL_COUNTRY should contain the data in the "Country" tag in the UCSDB (Public)
- COL_CONT should contain the Continent name found in the Country List for the "DXCC" tag found in the response
- COL_HRDCOUNTRYNO should contain the HRD Country number found in the Country List for the "DXCC" tag found in the response

None of these fields are being populated.

I probably missed these last two items in the field mapping spec
Steps To ReproduceI repro this in the beta build ( can't be tested because it crashes 0003484).

- Open up Logbook
- Open the Country list in Logbook by Countries > Manager
- Click on "Unique Calls" on the left of the Countries Manager pane
- Click "Private"
- Click "Add"
- Enter "VK4/WA9PIE" into the Callsign field
- Change the IOTA to "OC-001"
- Enter "LOTW" into the QSL Mgr field.
- Click "OK"
- Click "OK"
- Return to the open logbook tab
- Setup Callsign Lookup by Tools > Configure > Callsign Lookup and make sure that Country List is the only Enabled method
- Click "Ok"
- Open an ALE
- Enter the callsign "VK4/WA9PIE" (without the quotes)
- Press the "Lookup" button or hit tab

Result: These fields are populated in the respective fields in the ALE
Additional InformationThe correct result should be:

- COL_QSL_VIA should contain "LOTW" (without Quotes)
- COL_QSO_IOTA should contain "OC-001" (without Quotes)
- COL_QSO_DXCC should contain "150" (without Quotes)
- COL_COUNTRY should contain "Australia" (without Quotes)
- COL_CONT should contain "OC" (without Quotes)
- COL_HRDCOUNTRYNO should contain "150" (without Quotes)
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Sub-ModuleCall lookup
Testing Beta Successful


related to 0003464 closedWA9PIE Some fields missing from call sign lookup 
child of 0003001 closedWA9PIE Callsign lookup function does not appear to be working as designed 



2019-10-16 08:58

administrator   ~0008831

Continent and HRDCountryNumber are added to the UCSDB Private lookup in this checkin.

I've done some tweaks to handle prefixed call signs, but the spec seems mute on that subject. Maybe the process is that our test plan identifying that behaviour?


2019-10-21 10:33

administrator   ~0008894

I validated this one.

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