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Summary0003512: Redesign of the Callsign Lookup's Enable tab UI
DescriptionIn the beta build, the Callsign Lookup dialog box contains a list of things that are meant to be re-ordered with things that are not meant to be re-ordered (meanwhile, I was able to move things that were not meant to be moved). I think this will confuse customers.

The purpose of this change request is to suggest a change in the UI that is intended to provide better clarity for the users about how the dialog box and feature works.
Steps To Reproduce- Launch Logbook
- Go to Tools, Configure, Callsign Lookup... Enable tab
- Observe how this could be confusing (those things that aren't meant to be reordered are among things that are meant to be reordered)
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related to 0003514 closedK7ZCZ Ham Radio Deluxe Only "Enabled Methods" should be allowed to reorder; UCSDB (Public and Private) and Country List should not 
child of 0003511 assignedWA9PIE 2 - Next Dev List (Holding Area) Callsign Lookup dialog box has confusing UI 



2019-10-23 00:34



2019-10-28 12:19

developer   ~0009037

I don't think we have any evidence that this is confusing to our customers; we also haven't yet had a build where the implementation has been completely bug-free. It is thus hasty to discard hours of work until we have some concrete feedback from customers who've had a chance to use the completed implementation. If we find evidence that there are misunderstandings caused by the UI, I think we can come up with changes or enhancements to the existing design based on that feedback before we entertain a redesign.

With this reasoning, I'm resolving this as won't fix.


2019-11-08 02:22

administrator   ~0009206

Reopened for further/future conversation.

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