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00035221 - BacklogBugpublic2019-10-27 17:11
Reporterg3ucqAssigned Tog3ucq 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 64 bit Home
Summary0003522: Data Controller cause DM780 to close
DescriptionClicking on the Data Controller in DM780 creates a minidump file and close DM780
Steps To ReproduceRun DM780. It can be run in DemoMatic mode.
Click on the Data Controller tab as show in the image.
A mini dump will be created and DM780 closes.
Additional InformationThis issue happens whether a radio is connected or not.
I was unable to find how the Data Controller tab is set to be viewed.
The minidump file is 91MB too large to up load.
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2019-10-27 11:47


DM780.JPG (36,209 bytes)
DM780.JPG (36,209 bytes)


2019-10-27 12:40

administrator   ~0009030

Please provide the minidump file.


2019-10-27 12:49

updater   ~0009031

The file is 91Mb, too large for Mantis. Can I send it to you some other way?


2019-10-27 13:51

administrator   ~0009033

You should contact WA9PIE and work out how to upload the file to Mantis. Sounds like the file limit was reduced for some reason. Also, consider compressing the file using a smaller minidump size setting.


2019-10-27 17:11

updater   ~0009034

Not long ago it was possible to upload large files.
Why is that still not possible.?

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