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00035262 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Bugpublic2020-07-02 02:20
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Summary0003526: Adding a call sign previously worked error in ALE
DescriptionAdding a callsign that has previously been worked, pressing Partial or Exact does not populate the Logbook tab in ALE.
Only under certain circumstances.
Steps To ReproduceOpen the Logbook and enter a call sign that has previously been worked.
Press the Logbook tab and either the Partial or Exact should be pressed.
Press the Lookup button.
Data is added to the ALE pane but no data shows under the Logbook tab.
Press the 'Find' button.
Previous QSOs will then show under the Logbook tab.
Press the Reset (F4) button to remove all the data.
Now re enter the same call sign as before and press Lookup.
Now press either the Partial or Exact buttons. The Logbook will be populated.
Now press Cancel to close the ALE.
Reopen the ALE and add the same call sign as before.
Press the Lookup button and the ALE pane is populated.
Press either the Partial or Exact buttons again and the Logbook is not populated.

Additional InformationThis shows that the Logbook lookup ONLY works after the Find button is used but not after the Lookup button is used.
Is that the way it should be? I think not.
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2019-11-02 06:59

updater   ~0009113

Confirm G3UCQ's findings. Populating the Logbook tab with previous QSOs was automatic prior to v6.7, or perhaps the FIND button was persistent once clicked.. Having to click FIND each time a call is entered is very annoying.

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