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Summary0003527: Operators name repeated on new contacts
 The issue of duplication of operators name in subsequent QSO fill ins
  having a non related call sign as reported by the earlier Beta in
 Mantis 3451 has not shown up in the current Beta So it
  appears to no longer to be an issue (hopefully)

As reported before
It appears that there may be a "bug" that may show up on some PC's (but not all): What is happening is using WSJT-X and FT8 and in SSB and CW modes I work a station and log it with his name in the name field. Every contact after that the same name shows up for the operator and I have to edit the contact with the correct name. I have a paid QRZ,com account and it shows in HRD. The funny thing is the first contact when I start HRD and log that one the name is correct, after that the same name appears as the operator continuously . I have contacted QRZ and they say it is in HRD . They were correct. At the suggestion from Bill I did the same on my non shack PC that is in a Demomatic mode, it did the same duplication of operator names. Frustrated I filed a support ticket and had a speedy email from Tim. Since it was a Beta version he was unable to assist. Taking a chance I went back to the last regular (non beta) version after deleting the beta on the demo PC. Voila! the duplication ceased. So then to the Shack PC and the same thing , all was normal and the correct names were displayed. I am not sure why it affected my two PC's but I will leave the solution to the wizards who are in the smart department.
Many thanks
Neil Foster N4FN
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2019-11-06 05:15

administrator   ~0009162

I'm having problems following this narrative, but I'm not able to repro this. In particular, I can't figure out how or why is involved.

Here's what I tried:

1) Fire up the Logbook. Blank DB
2) Configure the Logbook to "Receive QSO notifications using UDP from other applications" on the "QSO Forwarding" config dialog
3) Start up WSJT-X. Configure it to broadcast QSOs to UDP with settings that match Step #2
4) Log a QSO in WSJT-X. In the WSJT-X dialog, add a name
5) Log it. This works fine; the entry shows up in the logbook.
6) Log another QSO in WSJT-X. Use a different name
7) Log it. Works fine, too; the different name is logged and isn't repeated from Step #5.


2019-11-06 05:25

administrator   ~0009163

I also tried the above steps with as the only configured call sign lookup source and the name logged was the name retrieved from each time.


2019-11-08 04:25

administrator   ~0009208

Closing to move them into the w/o action bucket

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