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00035281 - BacklogBugpublic2019-11-12 11:48
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Summary0003528: Label Date protocol not followed
DescriptionAnother label issue....the date in my pc and in my log is: 30-Oct-19 I prefer this since it is the international standard of Day-Month- Year.
The fixed format in the label is correct as dd-MMM-yy, Hover the label program ignores the format and shows for example 30-10-19 when it should follow and show OCT (MMM) rather than 10 The format is correct in Windows and my PC
Steps To ReproduceVerified with several labels
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2019-10-30 14:04


Capture.PNG (12,371 bytes)
Capture.PNG (12,371 bytes)


2019-11-10 04:34

updater   ~0009223

Prefer to get lost of the (dd-MMM-yy) to save space.
Suggest to notate the date as like "10 Nov 2019"

Got some relevant info attached.

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