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Summary0003529: Lookup Pane works even when no Logbook database has focus
The attached picture says that the lookup pane in the Logbook should work against the one open logbook that is in-focus. However, it actually works when no logbook databases are open at all.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Start up the Logbook. Note that this issue describes a problem with the 6.6 version of the product.
2) Close whatever database you've got open. This might leave a blank central pane, but you might have the Radio Screen or Logfile tabs. No database tabs, though
3) use the "Lookup" command in the "View" menu to open the "Lookup" pane

BUG#1) The pane is enabled and allows input. Since it't can't possibly work (with no Logbook database open) it should be completely disabled.

4) Enter a call sign.

BUG#2) The lookup operation will run and the pane will at least partially populate (for a valid cal lsign).

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related to 0003485 closedK7ZCZ Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook Lookup Pane does not fully populate 



2019-10-30 18:44

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2019-10-30 19:25

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This is a valid point, as it applies to all the WSI values in the Callsign and Country sections. It's reasonable to have it enabled for the purpose of displaying data in the Licensee section... or show information in the upper section of the Country section that are unrelated to WSI and come from the lookup source.

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