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00035313 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-10-30 19:28
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Product Version6.6.0.237 
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Summary0003531: Logbook Lookup Pane ignores or doesn't handle database errors
The Lookup pane in the logbook performs lookups to resolve WSI data against various databases. It ignores errors from those databases and doesn't notify the user that the results they're getting might be incorrect. If the user expects correct worked status information, then the Logbook's failure to connect to a database configured to be used for WSI information should be brought to the user's attention so they know the information they see isn't correct, and they can take corrective action.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start up the Logbook. Note that this issue documents a problem with the 6.6 version of the product.
2) Use the "Manager" button on the main toolbar to open the "Logbook Databases" window
3) In this window, configure a new database that's hosted in a MySQL database
4) Make the new database configured for WSI lookups. Right-click on the database's row in the list to change it.
5) Once configured, close the "Logbook databases" window.
6) Import some records to the MySQL database from whatever source you'd like. Or, create a few new, identifiable records manually.
7) Close the Logbook
8) Shutdown the MySQL database server.
9) Start up the logbook again. At this point, you might have another database opened, or not -- doesn't matter much. But the Logbook is still configured to do WSI lookups from the MySQL database configured in Step #3. This database is no longer reachable because of Step #8.

10) use the "Lookup" command in the "View" menu to open the "Lookup" pane
11) Enter a call sign

BUG#1) The Lookup pane takes quite a while to run, but produces results. No errors are displayed to the user.
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related to 0003485 closedK7ZCZ Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook Lookup Pane does not fully populate 



2019-10-30 19:28

administrator   ~0009106

Good catch. I completely agree that we should fix this.

That said... we'll take this up post 6.7. (If we get it back to the way it was in, it won't be any worse than it was then.)

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