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Summary0003535: Rig Control polls radio continuously
DescriptionRig Control polls radio continuously

When connected to a radio, the Rig Control application polls all of the radio's settings for without any delay or throttling. This results in a high rate of communication with the radio, which in turn causes noticable lag in UI response from the application.

Modern radios offer dozens -- sometimes hundreds -- of settings. When the Rig Control application refreshes, it requests values for every available slider and button, even if those controls aren't configured to be shown to the user. The Rig Control application must also serve other applications in the suite which connect to it over a listening network port. The network clients (which are probably local instances of other applications in the suite) might request any paramter of the radio.

When a user interacts with the UI, the commands they initiate are likely behind other requests the application is making for itself, causing lag in the response.

Rig Control should be modified so that that it requests the minimum number of radio paraemters to service the configured UI, plus any client applications. It should throttle the requests it makes so that it's not constantly polling the radio. When fixed, the application can guarantee a response time for user input and still serve the

On Icom radios, this fix would also make more bandwidth available for the panadapter feature which struggles to get its large amount of data through the hundreds of requests issued to support the numerous buttons, sliders, and modes on the IC-7610 and IC-9700.

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related to 0002197 assignedK7ZCZ Logbook open and close performance is slow 


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