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00035552 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Enhancementpublic2019-11-06 07:50
Reporterg3ucqAssigned Tog3ucq 
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Summary0003555: Frequency display in the Panadapter
DescriptionThe frequencies displayed in the panadapter are to 3 decimal places.
Is that necessary?
Steps To ReproduceOpen the panadapter (connected to a Icom IC-7610 in my case)
Note that the frequencies are displayed to 3 decimal places.
Too long IMO.
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ModuleRig Control
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2019-11-06 06:09

developer   ~0009169

For me, only integers are displayed with nothing to the right of the decimal point. Please provide a screenshot.


2019-11-06 07:50

updater   ~0009172

Are the last 3 numbers necessary?

panadapter.JPG (11,414 bytes)
panadapter.JPG (11,414 bytes)

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