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00035562 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Bugpublic2020-07-02 02:20
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Summary0003556: Add DXCC Country as the last row in the address field for
DescriptionBecause the address field is used for the mailing label, and because our customers are International, we should add the DXCC country as the last row in the address field.

(The address field is correctly being placed here for all other lookup methods except Hamcall; separate Mantis issue for it.)
Steps To Reproduce1 - Launch Rig Control
2 - Launch Logbook
3 - Go to Tools > Configure > Callsign Lookup... Enable tab
4 - Add only
resulting order is UCSDB (Public), UCSDB (Private),, Country List
5 - Press "Apply"
6 - Click the "Test" tab
7 - Enter "WA9PIE" (without quotes) and click "Lookup"
8 - Observe the results where the address field does not populate Country at the bottom of the address field.

See attached image.
Additional InformationI don't consider this a show-stopper for the 6.7 release. If it gets done... great. Otherwise, we can do this in an upcoming maintenance release.
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Sub-ModuleCall lookup
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related to 0003557 feedbackWA9PIE Add DXCC Country as the last row in the address field for 



2019-11-06 16:23



2019-11-06 22:22

developer   ~0009187

I think it's too late to do this work for the imminent release as it would be too destabilizing. If you're insistent on getting it done, then you should have one of the other developers look into it. You probably should do that anyhow, so they can start getting up to speed and are able to make progress in my absence.


2019-11-06 22:24

administrator   ~0009188

I could do that. But for this change, I suspect it would take far longer to get someone up-to-speed vs. the amount of time it would take to make this change. Dunno.

But, the point regarding this change being made so close to the release is a concern that I share.

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