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Summary0003560: HRD Logbook API query involving call sign causes Logbook to crash.
DescriptionI am using a separate program which uses the Logbook API to gather data on previous QSOs with the station in the ALE. Upon sending the API query, the Logbook crashes every time.
This worked prior to v6.7. Using Access database.

Steps To ReproduceOpen HRD Logbook
Using PuTTY or similar program, open port 7826.
Send "db" and Enter - you get "Unrecognized Command" - that's ok.
Send "db list" and Enter - you get a list of the databases - That's ok.
Send "db get {CALL="W1AW"}" and Enter - No API response and Logbook immediately crashes.
Additional InformationI realize the Logbook API is not a priority, but it might be good to prevent Logbook from crashing in the event a query is received. Perhaps a "Not Available" response or something similar, if it is intended that the API will not be supported going forward.
Minidump attached below.
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