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00035693 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-11-21 05:25
ReporterWA9PIEAssigned ToWA9PIE 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.252 
Summary0003569: The Country tab in the ALE no longer works
DescriptionThe Country tab is there to provide information specific to a given DXCC country as entered in the ALE. It's no longer being populated.
Steps To Reproduce- Open Rig Control with any radio or Demomatic
- Open Logbook
- Open an ALE
- Change to its Country tab
- Enter the specific callsign and allow a callsign lookup to occur for the call (tab or click the lookup button)

BUG: Nothing is displayed in the ALE's Country tab.
Additional InformationI may have to go back to a previous version to see exactly what's supposed to show up in this tab. I'm not clear if the information all populates from the Callsign Lookup choices... or if it comes through another method.

For example... the Active column could refer to either the active status of a callsign in the UCSDB... or it could refer to the active status of a DXCC country (or deleted status).

I'll assign this when I have more information. I'm just getting it in the system for now.
Tags6.7 defects
Sub-ModuleALE Window
Testing Beta Successful



2019-11-14 04:24

administrator   ~0009315

Later, I suppose we can sort out whether or not this tab depicts what we'd like it to. But for now, I wonder if we can just put it back the way it was in as shown in the attached image. If that's not possible (from looking at where the code got disconnected), then we'll spec this out from scratch.

CountryTab03.png (39,823 bytes)
CountryTab03.png (39,823 bytes)


2019-11-18 08:25

updater   ~0009363 - Same behavior. Not fixed.


2019-11-19 23:03

developer   ~0009409

Fixed in (I think), not really sure every possible scenario where that list updates, let me know if I missed one.


2019-11-20 01:38

administrator   ~0009411

This looks good to me. It works as it did in 6.6 and prior.

Look up your own call... is it correct?

Look up 3C0E and see the difference (it comes from the UCSDB).


2019-11-20 01:48

updater   ~0009415

Works fine.. confirm fix


2019-11-20 03:40

updater   ~0009422

The country field only populates if a callsign is put into the open ALE pane.
If you put a callsign in the Lookup pane.
Let lookup populate
Click on +Logbook button.
ALE opens but country tab is not populated


2019-11-20 04:57

administrator   ~0009428

I confirm G3YPP's findings. Sending back to Doug.


2019-11-20 23:10

developer   ~0009436

Fixed in the build


2019-11-21 02:57

updater   ~0009439

Fixed for me in .252


2019-11-21 03:21

updater   ~0009441

Fixed in .252


2019-11-21 05:25

administrator   ~0009442


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