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0003571Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2020-02-04 23:48
ReporterK7ZCZAssigned ToWA9PIE 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.262 
Summary0003571: eQSL QSO download doesn't correctly parse result URL from response
DescriptionThe eQSL QSO download works by making a request from a URL at the site. The response is an HTML page which must be parsed to find the location of the desired ADI file. Applications are expected to find this link by parsing the returned HTML page and download it to get the data they wanted.

The code in the Logbook doesn't correctly perform the parsing. It ends up requesting a badly-formed ADI URL which works only by luck, and isn't compliant with the API documentation provided here:

Steps To Reproduce1) Open the Logbook. Any database is fine, though it might be modified by these steps
2) Use the "Configure" tear-off in the "Tools" menu to reach the "" command
3) In the resulting dialog, configure the username and password for your account
4) Use the "File" tear-off in the "Logbook" menu to reach the "" tear-off. In that menu, choose "download"
5) Set the parameters in the dialog so the operation will successfully download at least a few records.
6) Press the "Download from" button in the resulting " Download" dialog
7) after the download completes, activate the "Log" tab in the " Download" dialog
8) The first entry is a URL showing the API request from Re-type this URL into your browser.
9) Your browser will display a page that comes back from the server that has links to the ADI and TXT files you requested.
10) Click the ADI link.

BUG#1) In the "Log" tab, the ADI link's target is actually displayed with ".TXT file reference = ". It should be describe as the ".ADI file reference". (This can be confirmed by examining the file in the given URL: it ends in ADI, not TXT.)

BUG#2) The ADI link opened in the browser doesn't match the ADI link displayed in "Log" tab; the Logbook is using the wrong URL.
Tags6.7 defects
Testing Alpha Successful


related to 0003558 closedWA9PIE eQSL Download function loads all QSOs from eQSL server 



2019-11-10 15:28

developer   ~0009230

fixed with this checkin:


2019-11-10 23:41

viewer   ~0009248

confirm fixed in


2019-11-13 06:08

viewer   ~0009295

This is not solved for me. The "RcvdSince=" is still nickname in the URL resulting in a large download from eQSL.
Even setting today's date gets a large download.


2019-11-16 16:46

administrator   ~0009333

I validated that this is working in a alpha build. There was an error made in the 6.7 branch back in May that didn't pop up until we started building out of the 6.7 branch.

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