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Summary0003576: Adding a call in ALE directly via [ENTER] takes a long time to populate im Logbook
Description1) when adding a CALL into the ADD screen and immeditaly hit TAB(all QRZ BIO / Rst 5/9,... will appear) and ENTER the call(e.g. PD9FER) will instantly be added to the logbook. This is is ofcourse the way to go as during contest and running a pile up this is an absolute MUST...

2) When adding a CALL into the add screen and immeditaely clicking ENTER it will take 4-8 seconds before it will be uploaded.

And even worse in both scenarios as seen above when a call is NOT into any QRZ database it will take ages before the call will be added to your logbook. You can imagine when running a pile up, contest, etc... this is VERY annoying.
Steps To ReproduceSet the enabled Lookup functions to: QRZ > Logbook > Country List
Open ALE
Put in a call and push TAB or click Lookup
Hit Enter
(result: taking a long time to add to logbook)

Do the same again but now Click F7 you notice a huge timing difference. (much faster)

It gets even worse when a call is not found on QRZ
Additional InformationTicket #411474
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