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Summary0003579: Old issue with the IC-9100 and Satellite Tracking
Description Ticket #346602 - There is an issue with the IC-9100 when used for Satellite Tracking. I have contacted and talked to Rick and Greg from Icom and apparently this is a known issue where when operating over Satellite Repeaters, normally VFO A is configured for TX and VFO-B is configured for RX. With the 9100, the only split that is available is to use VFO-A for RX and VFO-A sub for TX.

Several years ago we had a technician who worked part time for HRD who was avid with Satellite Tracking. He used an IC-9100. HRD could not, at that time work with the 9100, so this tech and RR got together and wrote up a kludge so that the 9100 could be used for Sat. Tracking. All I do know is that at that time, they had the 9100 working in some way for Sat. Tracking. I don't know if they found a way to make our software use VFO-A for RX and VFO-A Sub for TX or whether they were doing what most radios doe where VFR-A is RX and VFO-B is TX when put into split operation.

We need to get this figured out and get the 9100 working with our software for Satellite tracking. I have also been informed that the same problem will rear it's ugly head if someone tries to use the 9700, however, when I spoke with the two different support techs at Icom, they tell me the problem with the 9100 for satellite work has been resolved in the 9700, therefore there shouldn't be a problem with the 9700.

Hopefully this can be resolved soon.
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2019-11-12 10:34

updater   ~0009289

That Tech was me..
And no, it never worked as should
would love to see a fix for this

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