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Summary0003581: TS590S NB
DescriptionThe Kenwood TS590S, with firmware version 2.04, the operator has the ability to select receiver NB1 or NB2 individually, or to use NB1/NB2 concurrently by pressing and holding the front panel NB button down for 1 second.

In HRD Rig Control, version, there appears only the option to select either NB1, or NB2, but not both together. Selecting NB1/NB2 concurrent operation by pressing and holding the transceiver front panel NB button results in correct radio operation (i.e. NB12 is displayed), however then in HRD Rig Control display, both NB1 and NB2 soft buttons are dimmed out.

Steps To ReproduceAs a test I've attempted the long-click of NB1 or NB2 buttons on the software screen to no avail. Workaround is to just use the button on the front panel of the radio.
Additional InformationPlease refer to OS ticket 474112
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