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0003588Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2020-02-04 23:48
ReporterWA9PIEAssigned ToWA9PIE 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.262 
Summary0003588: Logbook and DM-780 - Callsign Lookup pane's Country section not populated under certain circumstances
DescriptionThere was a flaw in my specifications about how the Country section of the Callsign Lookup pane's Country section is populated. As a result, it is not being populated under certain circumstances.
Steps To ReproduceIn both Logbook and DM-780...

Put 3D2AG into the Callsign Lookup pane and allow it to populate

BUG: The Country section is empty. This also prevents the WSI valies in that section from being populated.
Additional InformationI recommend that we change the way we're populating the Country section of the Callsign Lookup pane in both Logbook and DM-780 as explained in the attached image.
Tags6.7 defects
Sub-ModuleCall lookup
Testing Beta Successful



2019-11-14 04:15



2019-11-15 01:03

developer   ~0009324

Will testing the Country population with QRZ be enough, or can it come from other lookups?

Is there some background on the destilling process? I have reviewed the code, but a high level description might be good


2019-11-15 05:23

administrator   ~0009326

Testing with QRZ is sufficient.


2019-11-17 22:18

developer   ~0009342

This is in the Logbook, and can be tested, I have a little more to do for the DM


2019-11-18 01:59

administrator   ~0009346

I checked this in the build. The central problem there is fixed for Logbook... however, for a call like 3D2AG in this example, the WSI values for the Callsign and Country section of the Lookup pane aren't being populated.

Later tonight, I'll run through and document the steps.


2019-11-18 02:01

administrator   ~0009347

For DM-780, the WSIs in the Callsign section are correct, but not in the Country section for the specific case of 3D2AG using my log. I'll post it all later.


2019-11-19 00:24

developer   ~0009377

I didn't check in the DM changes until tonight, it will be in the build from tonight.


2019-11-19 02:50

administrator   ~0009378

Submitted for testing. Please concentrate on oddball lookups that don't bring back lat/long in


2019-11-19 03:56

viewer   ~0009383

Working for most call signs but TA0/R7AL gives the country as European Russia.
Likewise. F/HB9BQU gives the Country as Switzerland.


2019-11-19 04:30

viewer   ~0009385

What G3UCQ is seeing has been reported in Mantis 3575


2019-11-19 05:02

administrator   ~0009386

Ok... I'll write this up. I see where it's not making it. That said... we may not be fixing this before we get the maintenance release out. These are somewhat edge cases.

We'll see.


2019-11-20 01:42

administrator   ~0009413

Aside from the problem with prefixes (and suffixes)... I think we've got this fixed.

I'll take the prefix/suffix thing off to a different change.


2019-11-20 03:53

viewer   ~0009424

Fixed in .251


2019-11-20 04:58

administrator   ~0009429

Validated (with the outstanding prefix issue)

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