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Summary0003589: Icom IC-9700 Panadapter won't connect and issues with 2m buttons on GUI.
DescriptionTicket #912614 - Customer has an IC-9700 and is running a BETA build and the Panadapter will NOT connect to the radio. Customer tried both versions of firmware available. He down graded the firmware from 1.20 to 1.13 just to see if the firmware made a difference.

The radio was configured with CI-V USB Port (Default: Link to [REMOTE])" Set this option to "UNLINKED and CI-V USB Baud Rate (Default: Auto) Set this option to 115200. If there were any other menu settings in the radio that needed to be configured we were not aware of them and only configured what seemed logical from working with the IC-7300. If there were any other configuration settings developers should have provided us with some documentation on the settings.

When selecting the "Panadapter (Main) from the Tools menu the display shows up completely blank as in the image attached.

Customer also reports and I witnessed erratic button functions when selecting different 2m buttons on the GUI. Frequencies would "flicker" in and out of the display and at times were not stable.

Customer has other software, icom RS-BA1 ver 2, SATPC32 and the RT Systems programmer, all connect up just fine and operate the radio just fine.
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