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0003593Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2020-02-19 05:47
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PlatformWindows 10OSWindows 10 ProOS Version1903
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.262 
Summary0003593: Upload Fails with Date Range Error
DescriptionAll attempts to upload QSOs to result in an ‘add_qso: outside date range’ internal error when using either v6.7.0.244 or v6.7.0.245 beta.

After reverting to v6.6.0.237, all attempts at uploads work as expected.

I verified that my start and end QSO dates in my logbook properties in are current and valid (1978-11-27 through 2020-12-31).

It may be relevant that I am located in Australia and do not use US date format at the OS level. Instead, I use ISO date format (yyyy-mm-dd).
Steps To Reproduce    1. Install either v6.7.0.244 or v6.7.0.245 beta;
    2. Select a QSO in HRD Logbook and upload it to;
    3. It doesn't matter if a new contact, or an existing contact already in is selected for upload, all attempts fail with an ‘add_qso: outside date range’ internal error.
Additional InformationI have reproduced this in both my normal and testing (VM) environments.

After reverting to v6.6.237, uploading a new contact works, and uploading an existing contact results in a duplicate contact error as expected.
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Testing Beta Successful


duplicate of 0003565 closedWA9PIE Log data upload to QRZ.COM fails with error 



2019-11-17 20:35


QRZ Upload.jpg (114,048 bytes)
QRZ Upload.jpg (114,048 bytes)
QRZ Logbook Properties.jpg (101,832 bytes)
QRZ Logbook Properties.jpg (101,832 bytes)


2019-11-18 04:45

viewer   ~0009352

I spent time making sure I wasn't creating a duplicate before I created this ticket and didn't find 0003565. But that was because I had a filter set with Hide Status set to Closed (and above), hence hiding it from me.

I see that 0003565 was closed with the issue being fixed in I thought we were testing, and so I went looking for only to find is now available for test I presume. Maybe 0003565 (or 0003593) should remain open until beta testing off is done. Just my 2c worth.

I will download now and test.


2019-11-18 11:02

viewer   ~0009371 Confirm Log upload working.

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