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0003594Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2020-02-04 23:48
ReporterWA9PIEAssigned ToWA9PIE 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.262 
Summary0003594: Tabbing out of the Callsign field after entering a callsign no longer invokes the Callsign Lookup
DescriptionAs of the build...

Tabbing out of the Callsign field after entering a callsign no longer invokes the Callsign Lookup
Steps To Reproduce- launch Logbook
- probably should ensure that at least is an enabled method (so it will populated the ALE with useful data)
- open the ALE
- enter a callsign (WA9PIE is fine)
- press the TAB key

BUG: The Callsign Lookup is not performed to populate the log entry as it was previously.

(Meanwhile, the "Lookup" button still works. But the TAB key should have the same effect as the "Lookup" button.)
Tags6.7 defects
Sub-ModuleCall lookup
Testing Beta Successful



2019-11-18 17:30

developer   ~0009373

The previous bug I changed it to do the "find" if the call sign was changed.
I will now change it to do the "lookup" and "find"


2019-11-18 20:00

administrator   ~0009374

Probably a minor clarification, but...

"lookup and find" without changing the current tab (to the Logbook tab)


2019-11-19 00:19

developer   ~0009375


It is in the build from tonight. slight change from last build. This search on tabbing out will only happen on "new" logs (not by opening existing ones). Existing ones require you to hit the button.


2019-11-19 02:53

administrator   ~0009380

Submitted for testing.


2019-11-19 03:43

viewer   ~0009381

The TAB key is working however -
Enter a call sign, press the TAB key and a Lookup is made.
With the ALE still open, press Reset and enter the same call sign again.
Press the TAB key and the Lookup does not work.
The TAB key moves to different data entries.
The Lookup button continues to work.
Closing the ALE, reopening and entering the same call sign again the TAB key does work.


2019-11-19 04:26

viewer   ~0009384

Confirm the findings of G3UCQ in 250


2019-11-19 05:04

administrator   ~0009387

I confirm the behavior that's been described regarding the Reset button.

Assigning it back to Doug.


2019-11-19 22:28

developer   ~0009406

Ok, to prevent additional lookup/finds I only did it if you changed the call sign. I hadn't factored how this would have worked if you hit reset.


2019-11-19 23:01

developer   ~0009407

Fixed. BTW, the reason I did the search only on a change of callsign is so it didn't clear the search users might do on the other 2 find buttons on screen. If we want it to ALWAYS do it (lookup AND find) when we tab out without changes let me know and I can change it.


2019-11-19 23:01

developer   ~0009408

BTW, just kicked off build with this fix.


2019-11-20 00:21

viewer   ~0009410

I can confirm that pressing the TAB key, or the Call text box losing focus, works for both find and lookup with each change of call. It also works with each change of call after a reset.

However, entering a call, clicking reset and entering the same call again doesn't work. This sequence of events works in v6.6.0237, but most times I hit reset it is to enter a new record with a new call. So I am happy to call this as fixed.

Looking good Doug/Mike.


2019-11-20 01:39

administrator   ~0009412

This looks good to me. Beta team comments.


2019-11-20 01:55

viewer   ~0009417

Confirming Fixed
(also no problems with looking up same call after reset)


2019-11-20 03:24

viewer   ~0009419

Fixed for me in .251


2019-11-20 03:50

viewer   ~0009423

Fixed for me in .251


2019-11-20 04:56

administrator   ~0009427


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