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00035961 - BacklogBugpublic2019-11-21 17:28
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Summary0003596: QSL Labeling printing
Description- If printing more than one QSO with different dates every QSO is printed on a new label (enclosure 1).
- If printing only one call with 4 QSO's on different date only one date is printed on the four lines . The same date were marked as in
See atachments

In earlier versions of HRD same calls at different date were combined at one label (which save QSL cards and labels)
Steps To ReproduceI can not reproduce the error I have attempted
Additional InformationThis is issue is inconsistent for customer to customer.
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2019-11-18 15:31


HRD Labelprinting bug-1.pdf (1,273,635 bytes)
HRD Labelprinting bug-2.pdf (669,626 bytes)


2019-11-21 17:25

administrator   ~0009446

Adding a thread from Forums regarding this:


2019-11-21 17:28

administrator   ~0009447

Here's another related item:

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