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00036031 - BacklogBugpublic2019-11-22 15:32
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Summary0003603: Program Options /Soundcard shortcut
DescriptionWhen setting up the DM780 in Program Options:
Item Soundcard: When adjusting the soundcard options : Input (Receive) and Output (Transmit) The small tab located under the device space to the right was a short tab that would allow the user to access the sound option for the windows OS. Recent releases for HRD indicate that this option is now deactivated.
Steps To ReproduceDigital Mater is open:
Select Program Options:
Select Soundcard; Once here click on the tab located under the device option lower right.
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Additional InformationAction to reproduce was confirmed my myself, Tim, and Ferry
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2019-11-22 15:32


Dm780soundcard.JPG (160,999 bytes)
Dm780soundcard.JPG (160,999 bytes)

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