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00036091 - BacklogBugpublic2019-12-02 05:14
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Summary0003609: IOTA field in My Station can't be empty
DescriptionFrom customer:
There is no possibility to leave IOTA (My IOTA) field in My Station window empty if once it was chosen for another location. The value of this field is automatically moved to the location where I would like to have it 'none'.

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Steps To ReproduceOpen Tools > Configure > My station
Add a location that has an IOTA designator and select the correct IOTA field.
Now Add a 2nd location (non IOTA)
The previous IOTA number is still displayed instead of saying "None"
Additional InformationTicket #213559
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2019-12-02 05:14


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My_station_1.jpg (117,104 bytes)
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