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Summary0003615: Parent issue for QSL labeling issues
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2020-05-10 11:55

updater   ~0009677

Main issue with my QL-570 is that the label produced has super tiny type. This is due to fixed left and right margins (see label produced). The nice thing about continuous labels is that margins are not necessary. If you used all of the real estate, the font could be bigger. Also:

Bugs that need fixing:
1) As shown on the bigger image, what you see is not what you get. The screen shows overlap (and that is probably why "auto" font is selecting a tiny font). But using a font size of 7 the label just fits.
2) In "Edit Label" you can set the height to any number and it always spits out a 1" high label - so it is not reading this value. But 1" is better than the 6" label with lots of white space I used to get with v. 6.5 of HRD
3) Setting the label width to no higher than 63 prevents cutting off characters on the right - but clearly more of the label should be used to allow the font size to increase further. There seems to be fixed margins that don't need to be there for a 62mm wide label.
4) Most fonts are way too wide and overlap when printed. I found this one font that was condensed enough.
5) "QSL Modern" works but "QSL Traditional" must use even more tiny type. I prefer the layout of QSL Traditional, so more work needs to be done so that the font can be at least 7 points.
6) Some labels such as DK11201 have height and width defined as just 1 or 2 mm - obviously bad data.

actual-label.jpg (830,098 bytes)
label-print-main-screen.jpg (454,384 bytes)

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