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Summary0003618: QLM/UltraCart - find a way to stop sending renewal reminders to customers who have purchased the auto-renewal
DescriptionQLM sends renewal reminders to ALL customers 30, 15, and 3 days in-advance of their maintenance plan expiration - including those who have purchased the auto-renewal. This causes problems where:

- customers get confused and buy again; because of that...
- customers are angry because they think we've charged them twice without their authorization
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Additional InformationWorking with both Soraco and UltraCart, I've suggested the following to UltraCart as advised by Soraco:

Soraco now says that the advice they gave us previously for setting the "AffilliateID" would only work for the "initial order." That obviously won't work in our case because a renewal is never the "initial order." I explained that to them and they provided the following:

You can call the UpdateLicenseHttp function to update the affiliate ID

Example (make sure to replace the activation key, product id, major version and minor version with their proper values according to your own product):

If this method works, we may as well send this on all transactions - is_affiliateid=HRDPSL, is_affiliateid= HRDSMS, and is_affiliateid= HRDSMA (auto-order). Each time someone makes a purchase, their "affiliateid" would get updated with their most current item. Then we would only send the renewal orders when "AffiliateID <> HRDSMA".

We would need to obtain the key - which should already be in the customers UC profile. The productid, majorversion, and minorversion aren't changing. These are already in the Digital Delivery form.

I'm not trying to tell you how to do this (if you will do this), but (from a UI perspective) it looks like you would just add the AffiliateID field to the Digital Delivery form. For all I know, this is the string you're already sending at the time of the renewal purchase. I could get Doug to update existing customers.

We would need this to trigger along with any auto-order transactions - including existing auto-order transactions the next time they repeat.

This would solve the problem of reminder emails getting sent to customers who are in the auto-order program. This would also enable me to send them a custom reminder telling them that their auto-order is about to be placed so they're not surprised by it.
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