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00036194 - Business PrioritiesBugpublic2020-07-02 02:25
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Summary0003619: Complaints that the renewal transaction is happening too far in advance of the expiration date of their maintenance plan
DescriptionI've had a whole lot of customers who have complained that their auto-order transaction happened weeks in-advance of the expiration date of their maintenance plan. I've personally canceled quite a few auto-orders as a result of these complaints.

If we're obtaining the maintenance plan expiration date and storing it in UC (as we do the key), can we take that date and copy it into the "Next Shipment" date field in the auto-order (please)?

And... sorry to ask, but... if this can be done, is it possible to run a one-time update of the auto-orders to get the maintenance plan expiration date copied into the "Next Shipment" date field for all the existing auto-orders?

This would actually be a beautiful thing. The customers would actually think we have a clue about running a business. (One customer wanted to file a complaint with the BBB about our "shady business practices.")
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