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Summary0003622: MT63 2K Long Loses Sync
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I have had this problem since back to 2015 on USAF MARS. Others also have encountered it and the Forum has references and additional details. MT63 2K Long Interleave loses sync after a few minutes of operation and fails to print after that unless DM780 is restarted. I'm running an I7 Win 10 computer with plenty of RAM but that doesn't seem to matter - different computers don't matter.

 I realize this is an obscure mode only used by a few of us in USAF and Army MARS. The HRD version was the last dependable MT63 2K version that works longer than five minutes.
Steps To ReproduceIn DM-780 open MT63 2K and try to decode and see if it hangs.
Additional InformationTicket #781904
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