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00036261 - BacklogBugpublic2020-01-02 17:38
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PlatformWindows 10 - Pro 64OSOS Version
Summary0003626: LoTW download updating
DescriptionWith the LOTW download feature, the software synchronises new LOTW QSL's since the last request. LOTW uses UTC.

The discrepancy is that as per the screenshot the software uses the PC local time clock. In my situation in NZ, we are 13 hours plus UTC.

I found that some QSO's were not showing as verified in my HRD log when they had been. These were verified QSO's by LOTW during the 13-hour "gap". The issue perpetuates ongoing and is rectified by manually backdating the logbook download to an earlier date.

The solution if the auto-selected download is used this should be the UTC time, not the local time.

My time zone will result in the worst outcome of this bug.

Steps To ReproduceHappens always.
Additional InformationScreenshot as attached.
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2020-01-02 17:38


HRD Logbook.png (57,550 bytes)
HRD Logbook.png (57,550 bytes)

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