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00036302 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Bugpublic2020-01-26 04:56
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 64 bit Home
Summary0003630: Clicking the Data Controller tab in DM780 creates a minidump file
DescriptionClicking on the Data Controller tab on the Radio pane in DM780 creates a minidump file and DM780 closes.
Steps To ReproduceOpen DM780, it makes no difference if Rig Control is running or not.
Open the Radio pane and click on the Data Controller tab bottom right.
A minidump file will be created and clicking on OK closes DM780 incorrectly.
Additional InformationThis occurs with versions v6.7.0.256 through to .258.
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2020-01-26 04:42


DigitalMaster_20200126_102449.7z (58,639 bytes)


2020-01-26 04:56

updater   ~0009554

Apologies. This is the same bug as I reported on 27 October 2019 Mantis 0003522.

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