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Summary0003635: Recent releases not returning info from previously logged contacts in the logbook
DescriptionIt appears that in more recent versions of Ham Radio Deluxe when a callsign is entered in the ALE and a lookup is selected, if that contact was worked previously and was in the logbook, if fields such as REMARKS/COMMENTS, Custom fields,etc.

Ticket #611017 - The latest version of HRD is not picking up information from previous logging entries.
I have been working with version other previous versions) which appears to work fine but having waited for the latest release, I find that none of the previous information is included in the latest log entries. I am attaching 2 files - one which shows that v6.6.0.237 picks up the relavent information and I have been using this and previous versions for a long time.
The other file shows what the latest version( picks up from previous entries which is now nothing at all!

In the attached images, 2020-02-10_12-01-01_GW4PUC_Old_Version.jpg shows how information from previous contact with GW4PUC was recalled when a lookup was done of the currently entered callsign.

In the image 2020-02-10_12-01-01_GW4PUC_New_Version.jpg you can see the data from a previously logged contact with GW4PCU was not recalled in the release.
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2020-02-10 13:07

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We also received reports of this same issue while talking to people at the 2020 HamCation in Orlando.

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