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Summary0003651: Contact coordinates not populating in ALE every time.
DescriptionTicket #195794 - Customer reports that the rotor coordinates do not populate every time when doing a callsign lookup in the ALE even if the contact was previously logged in his logbook.

When a callsign is entered in the ALE either manually or using the right-click option Open New Ale on a DXCluster spot, then hit the [Lookup] button the Rotator coordinates in the ALE will not always populate until you click the downward point arrow just to the right of the Country field. Once you click that arrow, the coordinates will populate.

See folder Mantis 3651 in the Dumps folder on G-Drive for images of this problem.

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2020-05-16 04:01

administrator   ~0009678

I ran through the steps and it's working as-designed.

When HamQTH is used as the lookup source, and there's no entry in HamQTH for a given callsign (VE9BRZ), then there are no coordinates from the source to put in the ALE. Thus, the coordinates are intentionally blank.

The test tab in the callsign lookup options indicate that no data came back from HamQTH for VE9BRZ.

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