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0003660Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2020-04-08 01:41
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.275 
Summary0003660: Add submode to ADIF file that goes to,, ClubLog, and QRZ
DescriptionWith the correct changes that were made in the release regarding getting QSOs into Logbook correctly, with confirmation matches in the LOTW download, we missed adding submode to,, ClubLog, and QRZ.

As a result, FT4 QSOs are only uploading as MFSK (as it's the Mode).

This request is being made to add submode to the file that gets sent to these sites when Logbook uploads them.

The attached image shows the tear-offs where these uploads are executed (though most folks select the automatic upload).
Steps To Reproduce- Create an FT4 QSO
- Begin the upload to (Logbook > File > > Upload)
- After the upload completes, you will be able to see the content of the file that was sent to; it's missing submode
- Login to your account and find the QSO. It will be incorrectly shown with the Mode of MFSK. It should show "MFSK (FT4)"
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Testing Beta Successful



2020-04-03 04:54


AddSubmodeToADIF.png (122,301 bytes)
AddSubmodeToADIF.png (122,301 bytes)


2020-04-04 17:51

developer   ~0009645

Added the submode to the above "uploads". Just kicked off a beta build with these change in it.


2020-04-04 20:19

administrator   ~0009646


I just tested this (270) and there's still no Submode in the uploaded files for these.



2020-04-05 00:25

administrator   ~0009647


I've just tested the 271 release build. I confirm that there's a difference here that involves a use case I didn't account for (and you'll see why in a moment).

WORKS: The use case where the user uploads the QSO manually using the menus in the original description works.

NO WORKING: The more common use case where the QSOs are automatically uploaded. In this case, the data that gets sent must be different than when it's sent automatically. (I have NO idea what developer thought that would be a good idea. But it's likely been like this since 2014.)

I'm attaching an image that shows where these automatic settings are.

AutomaticUpload.png (116,013 bytes)
AutomaticUpload.png (116,013 bytes)


2020-04-05 07:27

administrator   ~0009649

Regarding, the following is a response from the developer for that website:

==================== supports SUBMODE field.

I have done a test using HRD Logbook version, added a new QSO, Mode=MFSK, Submode=FT4.
As you can see in the Logfile (HRD Logbook -> View -> Logfile), SUBMODE field isn't sent to

11:20:30 ALE Adding Entry "I2TEST" to Logbook.
11:20:30 Add Opening database IY1OD - 2019 - Access
11:20:30 Add Open status 1
11:20:30 Add Opening table TABLE_HRD_CONTACTS_V01
11:20:30 WebLog Upload Submitted OK
11:20:30 WebLog Upload Upload data .: Callsign=TEST&Code=0000000000&ADIFData=<QSO_DATE:8>20200405+<TIME_ON:6>091440+<CALL:6>I2TEST+<BAND:3>40m+<FREQ:8>7.100000+<MODE:4>MFSK+<RST_SENT:3>599+<RST_RCVD:3>599+<STATION_CALLSIGN:6>IW1QLH+<DXCC:3>248+<DISTANCE:8>0.000000+<QSL_SENT:1>N+<QSL_RCVD:1>N+<QSL_SENT_VIA:1>D+<EOR> -
11:20:30 WebLog Upload Status ......: 1


2020-04-07 22:32

developer   ~0009659

Yes you are correct, there was some different logic for the automatic background upload. Sub mode has been added for these now.


2020-04-07 22:33

developer   ~0009660

272 beta build has been kicked off.


2020-04-08 01:41

administrator   ~0009661

I tested this personally and it now works as required.

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