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Summary0003661: ALE Start Time not functioning as it should
DescriptionTicket #889082 - Once the ALE window is opened, the Start time is locked at 13:35:00. Before you start calling CQ your phone rings and you have to be on the phone call for 35 minutes then you hangup the call and go back to the radio to call for CQ.
Now, the ALE start time is still locked at 13:35:00 but the real time is 14:05:00. You call for CQ DX and I answer your call and you type PP7LP in the Callsign field and hit tab to lookup for my infos and go to RST Sent field to write the RST to send to me. As some of us where used to log our QSOs with an old version of HRD we expected that the ALE window start time was updated to the actual time: 14:05:00 but the start time is still locked with the inicial time that is 13:35:00.
We talk for 40 minutes and than we say goodbay, 73. Now the real time is 14:45:00 but start time is still locked at the time you opened the ALE window. You click on "Add (F7)" and our QSO is saved with the start time locked when you opened the ALE Window: 13:35:00.

The propagation is very good and PP7DX, as soon as he listens you saying TU 73 QRZ, says his callsign. As you listen this new callsign, you type PP7DX in the callsign field and hit TAB key to lookup for PP7DX's infos and go to the other fields. Instead of the start time be updated to the actual time that is 14:06:00, the start time is still locked at the time the ALE window was opened that is 13:35:00.

Forget about end time because this field is not important for this recently added bug and also, forget about ways to use other configurations that, in your way to use the ALE window could work, what I and others on that forum link I sent you before, are trying to explain is that before some update that seems to be on version 6.7, when you had typed my callsign and exited the callsign field the ALE window used to update the start time with the PC real clock time.

Imagine you make 10 QSOs like this, all very close to the other. Of course you can hit F2 or click on "

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has duplicate 0003663 closedDOUG 3 - Current Dev List ALE "Start" time is not being properly reset when the user has set it to "Set by User" 


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