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0003663Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2020-08-03 03:14
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Product Version6.7.0.287 
Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.301 
Summary0003663: ALE "Start" time is not being properly reset when the user has set it to "Set by User"
DescriptionIf the Start Time is "Set by the User", and if the user keeps the ALE open to continue adding QSOs, then the Start Time isn't being reset after saving a QSO. This causes a problem where the QSO record has the wrong time in it and that can prevent the QSO from matching on LOTW download.
Steps To Reproduce- open Logbook
- open an ALE
- in the ALE menu, go to Options > Date/Times > Start > Set by User
- for good measure, close the ALE and open it again; note the Start time is the value of the machine time when the ALE was opened
- enter a callsign and hit the TAB key or click the "Lookup" button; note that the Start time has not changed (nor has Stop time)
Additional InformationCHANGE: Here's the change that needs to be made.

When Start Time option is set to "Set by User" (within the ALE, Options > Date/Times > Start > Set by User), then...

Reset the Start Time to the PC clock when the user performs a callsign lookup (this happens when the user either tabs out of the callsign field or clicks on the "Lookup" button). Do the same for the Stop Time.

(This is the same function that occurs when the Start Time option is set to "Set by User" and the user presses the F2 key, or F3 for Stop Time. Just run these same functions (run for F2 or F3) when Start Time option is "Set by User" (F2) and Stop Time is "Set by User" (F3) and the user performs a callsign lookup.)
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Testing Beta Successful


duplicate of 0003661 new 1 - Backlog ALE Start Time not functioning as it should 
related to 0003701 closedWA9PIE Ham Radio Deluxe Lookup while in update mode overwrites QSO date/time 



2020-05-24 15:10

developer   ~0009683

just kicked off a build with this change in it.


2020-06-12 21:14

administrator   ~0009688

I tested this in the build. It's "half done." It does work when the "Lookup" button is selected in the ALE. But it's not working when the user tabs out of the "Call" field.

IMPORTANT: Reference
- this topic is only in the ALE
- it's only used in these two cases
>> when the Start time is set to "Set by User" (Options > Date/Times > Start > Current Time); this causes the Start time to fill with Date & Time of the PC at that moment
>> when the Stop time is set to "Set by User" (Options > Date/Times > Stop > Current Time); this causes the Stop time to fill with Date & Time of the PC at that moment
- it happens when these settings exist and the user does one of the following two things:
>> enters data into the Call field and clicks the "Lookup" button in the ALE
>> enters data into the Call field and TAB key to exit the Call field in the ALE (this is the part that's not happening in the build)


2020-06-17 21:55

administrator   ~0009690

I tested this in and I find it to be working as designed.


2020-07-02 04:37

viewer   ~0009706



2020-07-02 09:21

viewer   ~0009717



2020-07-06 23:10

administrator   ~0009730

Validated by beta testers; marking as Closed


2020-07-09 20:25

administrator   ~0009740

We need to have another look at this.

This feature works correctly when creating a new record in the database.

However... it's also modifying the time when someone updates an existing record. (It may even attempt to change the time when the user tries to view an existing record.) When an existing record is opened, none of the fields should change unless the user manually changes them.


2020-07-11 22:08

developer   ~0009744

I reproduced this one by hitting the lookup button again, changed it so that if you are modifying an existing record this will not happen.


2020-07-13 04:01

viewer   ~0009768



2020-07-13 04:41

viewer   ~0009775



2020-07-13 04:54

administrator   ~0009778

The famous "Start time problem" is solved.

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