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0003665Ham Radio DeluxeEnhancementpublic2020-08-03 03:14
ReporterWA9PIEAssigned ToWA9PIE 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.7.0.290 
Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.301 
Summary0003665: Add option to include Comment field from prior QSO to be included in callsign lookup
DescriptionAdd option to that allows the contents from the most recent QSO's Comment field to be pulled in during the callsign lookup process when Logbook is an enabled method.
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Testing Beta Successful



2020-06-12 21:17

administrator   ~0009689

It looks like the option for this showed up in the build. It's not working.

What should happen is...

When this option is enabled, and the user invokes the callsign lookup within the ALE, the contents of the last QSO with that callsign is brought into the ALE so that the user can see it... then they can leave it, delete it, or modify the contents of the Comment field prior to saving the new QSO.


2020-06-18 01:24

administrator   ~0009692

No change in


2020-06-18 14:43

developer   ~0009696

I think there's something I'm not understanding with this issue. When I lookup in the ALE it adds the last comment to the comment field. I attached a snip of what my screen looks like. Is there somewhere else the comment needs to show up?

3665_282.PNG (58,666 bytes)
3665_282.PNG (58,666 bytes)


2020-07-02 07:16

administrator   ~0009713

I re-tested this in the 285 build and it seems to be working. Either I hadn't checked the option, or the code wasn't checked in when the last build was created.

I'm sending this to the beta testers.


2020-07-02 07:39

viewer   ~0009714



2020-07-02 09:36

viewer   ~0009719

Tested with and without loopkup option checked, worked as expected in each case.


2020-07-02 09:50

viewer   ~0009720

In Beta, comment from previous QSO appears in Logbook ALE regardless of option setting. In DM780 ALE, comment from previous QSO does not appear, regardless of option setting.


2020-07-02 09:57

viewer   ~0009721

Correction to previous note - After more checking and unchecking the option, it appears to be working correctly in Logbook ALE. Comment still does not appear in DM780 ALE regardless of option setting.


2020-07-06 23:13

administrator   ~0009731

Doug - is it possible to take a look at DM-780 and see what it would take to make this same change happen in DM-780's ALE?


2020-07-13 05:14

administrator   ~0009783

To update this one...

This does work properly in Logbook. That was the initial scope of this change.

That said, there is an ALE in DM-780 and customers will immediately tell us that this should also work in DM-780.

This makes me wonder if the either (a) the Comment field in DM-780 is different than the Comment field in Logbook or (b) we're using a different callsign lookup routine in DM-780 than we're using in Logbook.

@Will ask me if you have questions on this.


2020-07-13 22:01

administrator   ~0009796

I just changed the Resolution from fixed to opened until we are able to take a look at the same topic in DM-780.


2020-07-15 18:07

developer   ~0009797

I just added this to the DM-780 code base. There is a new option in the logbook options to toggle adding the message to the ALE panel. It defaults to on like in the logbook.


2020-07-21 03:43

viewer   ~0009806

In DM780 comment pulled in from a previous QSO. Fixed


2020-07-21 05:01

viewer   ~0009810

Works for me.


2020-07-21 05:02

administrator   ~0009811


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